Just Another Day In SouthLA


After riding LA Metro, I realized we could use some more local informative programming and thought how awesome it would be if SouthLA had a chance to showcase some of our stories.  I contacted TransitTV and was asked to produce a pilot, thus the formation of SouthLAWired.  I know its not perfect, however I think it convey’s the idea properly.   SouthLAWired will be filmed as a webisode, and structured to be featured on TransitTV.  SouthLAWired will be an educational and uplifting series for the South Los Angeles Community promoting: real estate, real estate development, community events, and community development.  SouthLAWired will feature upcoming projects and events within the South Los Angeles area, local real estate tours, one on one interviews with selected city officials, and “Post Round-Ups” of events and meetings. A large portion of Los Angeles Metro riders are South Los Angeles residents and by featuring SouthLAWired, we can cater to a demographic that is often overlooked.

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