Tom Bradley International……Mall


Fancy dining and shopping coming soon to the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.  As part of $1.5 Billion redevelopment project and partnership between Westfield Shopping, Los Angeles World Airports, and the office of the Mayor, Tom Bradley International Terminal is being transformed into the ultimate shopping and dinning destination.   What I am now dubbing the TBIMall, is to host such premier retailers as Gucci, Hermes, Fred Segal, Kitson, and Burberry just to name a few.  Within the project, 25,000 square feet is being allocated to fine dining.  Westfield and its tenant partners are investing $80 million to develop the new dining and retail program and its looking like the TBITerminal will be completely done with its transformation in 2014.

Tom Bradley International Mall

Experience the New Tom Bradley International Terminal


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