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SouthLA Names New MLK Hospital Entrance ‘Healthy Way’


As the MLK Hospital nears completion, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas asked the community to name the main artery into the hospital and turned it into a contest.  It wasn’t my first choice, actually it was the one I disliked the most, however ‘Healthy Way’ is the winner.  But if you guys like it I love it! Proposed by Yolanda Simmons, Healthy Way received 370 out of 776 votes — a whopping 48%. In second place was Charles R. Drew Drive, with 202 votes, and King-Drew Avenue, with 56 came in third. Congratulations to Simmons , a resident of Inglewood, for choosing a name that resonated with so many people. “Healthy Way” communicates that a person driving on the road leading to and from the hospital will be embarking on a healthier way of life. The street-naming poll spanned two months, and I was both pleased and moved to see so many people participating in the opportunity to name this historic street. The construction and ultimate completion of the new hospital is proceeding well and is only three to four months off its original schedule with the building scheduled for completion in the Spring of 2013 and its opening, in 2014.

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