Investing In Our Establishments

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B & R’s Old Fashion Burgers has to be one the best burger places located in the South Bay, and strong contender for SouthLA’s Best burger.  I actually even did a EatSouthLA on B & R’s sometime back boasting their burgers.  However in that same post I acknowledged a couple of other items that were brought my attention as I waited double the amount time that was presumed when I made my phone order which was that B & R’s needs to invest in either their customer service or their establishment.  And now as B & R’s approaches year 20, yes in 2014 B & R’s  will now have been in business for 20 years.  Well guys if I could make a recommendation as a loyal customer, its time to dress up our appearance.  People wait in a shabby waiting room/dining area for anywhere between 15-30 minuets for our food and only to feel if we’ve been sucked into a time wharp and sent back to the 90’s while our food is prepared.  I mean this post in no disrespect, I think the food there  is amazing, however i think its time for a make over.

They got the Pac Man Game in there?

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