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Metro Making Moves To Connect To LAX By 2020

With the under construction Crenshaw Line, Metro is now considering options for a rail to directly to connect to LAX or rail or subway that will connect to a people mover that will  take travelers from the rail directly into LAX.  Metro is expected to contribute a little over a billion for the project, with Los Angeles World Airports hopefully picking up the rest. There are several options on the table and being that this project is said to have a lot of support behind it, Metro is forecasting the project should be up and running by 2020.

“- Two options for subterranean stations inside the central terminal area, west of Sepulveda Boulevard (a small people mover would still be necessary to take people around the airport). 
— Another option includes a station serving as the epicenter of a giant transportation center near Parking Lot C, with buses, trains, vans, and cabs nearby.
— A station could also be built “about a mile east of LAX at Aviation and Century boulevards at Manchester Square, where a consolidated car rental facility and additional airport parking are planned.”” -CurbedLA

LAX or Bust!

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