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Dominguez Creek Getting All Gussied Up


The Dominguez Creek is getting a little transformation, at the least the Hawthorne stretch of the creek.   SWA Group and  more than 70 volunteers helped clean up the Dominguez Creek corridor over the past month or so, planting 21 new trees and more than 600 shrubs and groundcover plants. Before the planting, the LA County Flood Control District installed new irrigation, fencing, gates, signage, and granite benches, and resurfaced the bike path. The project was part of the Dominguez Hills Enhancement and Engagement Project, whose goal is to “revitalize 20,000 square feet along the Dominguez Creek with native plants and trees, benches, a bike trail, interpretive signage and a community mural. Prior to improvements, the area had uneven pavement, graffiti, and was a place characterized as undesirable, unsafe and unusable,” according to a press release. [Curbed Inbox] Well Good Job, Hawthorne, LA County Flood Control and Curbed Inbox for enlightening us all. LOL!

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