Ohh Hell No! Leimert Park Diminishing As Black Cultural Hub!


Please excuse the mature language, aggressiveness, or anything else in this post that may somehow offend you, but to put in the simplest terms “I’m bout to go in.”  Providing this information in a mature “professional” manner is extremely hard giving my feelings on this topic.  I will try my to convey my feelings in the most mature way possible however you’ve been warned.  If you find any vulgarity stated below that may offend you please note this MY personal opinion (as well as MY blog) and bypass the post and proceed directly to link, for what is happening needs to be acknowledged. Good Day.



Now this is some Capital Bullshit and is just out right wrong!  The efforts and collaboration of the community that made Leimert Park Station possible let me first say were remarkable.  Being that the common sterotype tossed around is as a community “We” can never come together and get anything done, not only did we do so, but we did it within “their” terms.  Meaning we went through the “red tape” process that the City use to gripe about city plans. As a community we came together in numbers, organized, attend several HOURLY, BORING Metro meetings (where I first hand witnessed Metro and City Officials rudeness in its entirely, where they encourage the community to attend these boring ass meetings and then treat them like shit and disregard the public’s opinions, and are clearly only there because as PUBLIC OFFICIALS they have to ACT  like they care about the public’s opinion) went back re-organized, attended more meetings, dealt with the unprofessional-ism within the City and Metro, had to accepted delayed promised responses and and after months and months of this finally prevailed and now you want to kick us out, let me say it again, OHH HHHHELL NO!



A number of Black businesses in the LPV have been notified that their leases won’t be renewed  suddenly after confirmation of a station.  We did this, we fought for this station and now that its happening we’re being removed from the equation!……I literally just have to pause because I just almost teared up from the anger writing this is bringing me.  I mean damn its 2013, Can we live, can we just live? Can we have something, just something without it being taken away, copied, white-washed or I believe term being thrown around “Pop-Cultured.”, example, given Michael Jackson was never accepted as much in white america would he still be the king of pop or maybe just another R&B singer?  Naw, its not Pop Culture is Black Culture that everyone else wants to be apart of, and doing what America does best stealing shit right from up under you and renaming it, AND then wearing it like they created it.

Sorry!  Regaining composure…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“One such business in Jinga Jinga at 3347 1/2 W. 43rd Place. “It’s not an eviction,” said Nate-El. “They’re not renewing our lease. They are forcing us out. They retake the premises when the lease is up. My lease is up in October.”

This topic, situation, whatever you want to call it, really bothers me because that the fact we have to go through so much to enjoy the simple pleasures found in so many other places is just ridiculous in this day and age. The Westside, North Central LA, Chinatown, Koretown, Little Tokyo, shit even the Hispanics on the Eastside are allowed to enjoy the amenities of their culture and way of life within they’re communities and often have better amenities than we of South LA do.

“Obinne Emmanuel Onyeador, owner of African Heritage & Antique Collection at 4340 Degnan Blvd., doesn’t know when he will have to move because he hasn’t been contacted by the new owner. “We don’t know yet,” said Onyeador, who has been at the location seven years. “They haven’t told us anything.”

This is information is just coming to me so at this very moment I do not have a “Plan for Action” but directly after posting this I will be reaching out to community leaders and finding out our next move.  Much more is to come out of SouthLA as I am a firm believer of “Don’t state a problem with out a Solution.” So if I myself have to become the Damien Goodmen of this situation I will without a doubt because I refuse to live a Black Wall Street situation.

“Hendrix noted that the area is a destination for tourists. “We have the highest concentration of Black businesses [in the city],” she said. “People want to see where African Americans live.”

“But Hendrix admitted that she really didn’t know how the station would affect business. “We fought so hard to get the station. Then I leimert-park-erinwondered if we would still be here to enjoy it.”

Please don’t wait untill theres a Pinkberry, a Starbucks or whatever else may represent white/jew america before you start to care.  And please, please understand none of this is intend to be racist or demean any other culture or race, I definitely do indulge in white/jew america and so like so many other idiots pay $5 for some coffee flavored drink from time to time however when I’m in Leimert Park I want to be emerge in my culture, being that’s really the only place on the entire WEST COAST like it.

Leimert Park may be fading as a Black cultural hub

4 thoughts on “Ohh Hell No! Leimert Park Diminishing As Black Cultural Hub!

  1. Well we need to start buying property in the place we love so much. That means homes, commercial property. People get a little bit of cash and the move to the Westside. How many “Leimert Park” people live in Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista, Culver City and Westchester…a whole bunch of them. Why did they buy there instead of Leimert? Why don’t black professionals i.e. doctors, aestheticians, dentists etc have their practices there? I live in Inglewood. My dentist is in Inglewood. My house is in Inglewood. My business is in Inglewood. I hear a lot about love for Leimert Park, but no one who is under 40 and has a professional job is putting the their money with their mouth is. That’s why it’s going to die. We moved our way out of having a neighborhood, because we’re too good to actually live South of the 10.

    I say this with respect, but you know you like somewhere you invest your money into it.

  2. I actually would love to see a Pinkberry in Leimert Park Village. I don’t want to see merchants displaced but I do feel like we have so much of the same thing there. It can still be the African American hub without bing full of storefronts that all offer similar wares or are just vacant and hoarded. That square is so cute! It deserves more!

    I think the bigger picture is better for everyone. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your blog.

  3. Totally agree with Teka-Lark Fleming. Buy property and be the change you want…City officials listen to property owners, not residents. It’s pretty simple. I’m all for a change in the LPV area…it’s not drawing anyone/anything that it hasn’t already been doing in the past couple decades. Look at other areas…MDR, Culver City, DTLA…money/ownership makes a difference, a huge difference.

  4. Now given that everyone has diagnose the problem given their opinion, is anyone actually willing to work toward a solution other than stating what people should/should have done are is it ok to let the area just diminish as a cultural hub at this point, given the previous generation didn’t take the right steps to secure the area and this generation prefers to move out of the area due to lack amenities you can find in other communities? I’m just asking. Unless a Black Donald Trump arises out of the mist, the solution is bigger than just one, or a couple of people, its a community problem so how should the community fix it.

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