Just Another Day In SouthLA

Ralphs Turning Into Crenshaw District Square?

4771884295_d03de17475_oSo this is what is suppose to come of the Ralph’s Grocery Store that’s being demolished at Crenshaw and Rodeo, Crenshaw District Square.  The new shopping center is as proposed: three-levels, 300,000 square-foot retail center/mall, anchored by a Ralphs supermarket and Target.  This project was actually announced 3 years ago now.  I haven’t heard much talk if this is still coming or if anything is coming at all but I just know this was the project that was suppose to rise where the Ralphs is being tore down.  With the coming of the Crenshaw Line, I’m, sure the lot won’t remain vacant long.  I wonder with all the bad business Ralphs has had in South LA will they be reopening in the new shopping square.

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