The Next Prince of Monaco May Be Black


Yeap! Not sure if you guys may have come by this information but with all this royal talk might as well slide this in too, long story, short  back in 2003 the Prince Albert of Monaco got in real quick with Nicole Coste, at the time, a Air France flight attendant and produced Prince Alberts first son Alexandre Coste.  This is actually Prince Albert’s second illegitimate child, a girl by a real estate agent, I believe back in 1997.  Nicole Coste who is a citizen of Togo–a  British colonized African nation seems to have full custody at this point and I believe the father has prince of monacoto see his soon from a far, probably more or so by the royal family’s choice.  However provided what Nicole had to go thru, (just the media attention alone, not even thinking about what schemes or pressure the royal family probably put on her) to prove that Prince Albert was the father, if she didn’t want him to see the kid I wouldn’t blame her.  Forgive the blurriness of the picture but its hard to find a good picture of the boy and his mother together.  Now given the source I listed below, they say that boy will not be in line to become the next Prince, no explanation of why but that the kid would be entitled to the same inheritance, just like Prince Albert’s other kids.

Black Prince of Monaco 

Prince Albert may have a THIRD love child

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