CiciLAvias 3rd Time Around


I’ve often over looked this event  because LA is on this super new bike fad right now and I wasn’t sure how long it was gonna last, plus I just thought the event was overrated (just being honest) however with me soon purchasing my two wheels connected to a handle bar and seat I think I might just indulge in CiciLAvias this year, plus their headed back to Downtown where it originally started which would be more interesting to take part in, just in my opinion.  CiciLAvias (no clue what it stands for or actually means) is bike and pedestrian festival that closes down streets to cars for bikes and pedestrian.   I believe its all to encourage biking and walking instead of driving in LA but don’t quote me on that.  This year its going to be on October 6, with a 7.4-mile route through the Civic Center, Historic Core, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, the Piñata District (where the hell is the Piñata District), and DTLA-adjacent Boyle Heights and MacArthur Park.  Should be fun hope to see yall out there, I’ma be sporting my SouthLA Tee!

What does CiciLAvia mean/stand for

Curbed on CiciLAvia

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