Skyscraper Rising All Over LA


Skyscrapers are rising all over town, Hollywood skyline is dramatically changing  and DTLA’s is getting major additions.  Not including LA’s soon to be new tallest, LA skyline is changing all over town.  Hollywood is getting several new towers, DTLA is getting a huge new mixed-use mini high rise development consiting of 5 towers along Franciso St, hopingto create a pesdestrian only street connecting South Park to the Financial District.  DTLA is getting and four residential towers.


Millennium Towers (Capital Record Towers) (35- and 39-story towers)

Capital Records towers

Millennium Hollywood will have more than a million square feet of residential, hotel, retail, restaurant, office, and sports club space in two towers

Hollywood Palladium Residences (two 28-story)


The project could either include a hotel component, which would bring the amount of residential units to 598; without the hotel, expect about 730 apartments.


Metropolis (5 Towers)


The Metropolis parcel is between Eighth and Ninth Streets, north of LA Live, and has been a proposed development site since the late eighties.   Approvals for 1.65 million square feet of hotels, condos, offices, and retail

888 Olive St (32 stories)


283 apartments and groundfloor retail

8th & Hope (22 stories)


22-story tower featuring 290 one- and two-bedroom apartments, six floors of parking (including two below grade), 5,000 sq. ft. of retail space at street level, and, at the build­ing’s highest point, a helipad.

SB Omega (40 story Tower)

601 South Main Street will be a 40-story, 500-unit tower built on a Historic Core parking lot. At one point it was hoped the project would break ground this past spring, but it didn’t.


The Vermont (23- and 29-story towers)


The 464-unitproject from JH Snyder features 23- and 29-story towers, as well as 40,000 square feet of retail (including a grocery store)

More Downtown Projects

— There are 250 units planned for the parking lot at Broadway and Olympic–the building will top out at 20 stories along Olympic Boulevard and 13 on Broadway.

— And 250 more units in a 20- or 21-story tower at 916 South Hill Street, which is currently–you guessed it–a parking lot.

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