Inside The ‘New’ Fabulous Forum

P1070758 Allow me to bring you inside the The ‘New’ Fabulous Forum.  The ‘New’ Fabulous Forum is being restored to its original glory.  Madison Square Garden purchased the Forum last year for around $25 million and promised to invest $5o million into the Forum’s renovation, creating a premier concert venue for the West Coast.  I believe they actually totally invested $75 million in renovations though.

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MSG has a long history in restore concert venue, from RadioCity Hall, to the Beacon Theatre, and now the Fabulous Forum.  Expect awesome new amenities such as state of the art acoustics, outdoor terrace, an updated marquee at Prairie and Manchester (it will compliment the arches of the Forum), updated bathrooms and concessions in a very contemporary setting.  The Forum has a long history of bringing awesome acts to Inglewood and MSG wants to make sure that continues in the 21st century.  The Forum is slated for completion by the end year and expecting to host ‘The Eagles’ January 14, 2014 as the first performers in the “New Fabulous Forum.’ Go to our Facebook group to view the face-lift of the forum.

Restoring the Forum to its original glory

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