Jordan Down Revamp Project Gaining Traction


Word on the street is that the Jordan Down community remake is finally gaining investment dollars. The plan to completely revamp the Jordan Downs Housing project into an urban village for young professional and working class families are finally making moves.  Check out the video on John King II, Director of Planning and Policy of Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles interview by  ABC 7 News.

The project includes a sixish-acre “central park,” the reconfiguration of Century Boulevard, and “up to 1,400 stylish new apartments, along with chain stores and new streetscapes, all designed to attract people of greater means to move into the area and live alongside the city’s poorest,” as the LA Times puts it. But they’re still going to have to find the money for it–the city’s hoping to net some federal and state money.

Jordan Downs Redevelopment: Accomplishments, Progress, and Highlights 

ABC Interview

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