Coastal CleanUp at Inkwell Beach


A Day of Action, Education and Remembrance of Our Collective History

If your familiar the days of segregation here in LA (Wasn’t that long ago, really), then you know all about Inkwell Beach.  On Saturday, September 21, 9am-Noon, Cleanup Day 2013  will take place at Tower 20, Bay Street and Ocean in Downtown Santa Monica, at the historical African American beach site, sometimes known as the “Inkwell” please come help participate in a coastal clean up. This is a great opportunity for young and old to participate in a community service through helping clean up the beach.

“A Place of Celebration and Pain.” These words top the plaque that commemoratesthe oceanfront site controversially known as the “Inkwell,” an 2012 International Coastal Cleanup 41 copyimportant gatheringplace for African Americans long after racial restriction attempts at public beacheswere abandoned in 1927. This seaside refuge was located down the hill from nearbyPhillips Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal (CME) Church, the first African Americanchurch established in Santa Monica in 1905, and the earliest African Americancommunity settlement in the 4th and Bay Streetsvicinity.

Register To Help Clean Inkwell

Inkwell Beach In Santa Monica

 Inkwell History

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