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Vogue Magazine Features Mayor Aja Brown

8714_575901772453729_486650596_nGet used to Mayor Aja Brown,  I have a pretty good feeling shes going to be around for awhile.    That’s probably a good thing since shortly before she took office, Compton was forty million dollars in debt and on the brink of insolvency. “It’s really only twenty million,” Mayor Brown explains, as if it’s water off her back.   Vogue Magazine just did a piece on  Mayor Aja Brown, How awesome being I don’t vogue feature other mayors.  “There were a lot of duplication on the books.” I’m not sure what this means, but Compton has a history of corruption. In fact, her opponent, former Mayor Omar Bradley, whom she handily defeated in a runoff, was facing corruption charges at the time of the election. Brown adds, “We have a very fiscally conservative accountant now. We’ve managed to restructure the debt, reduce the interest on our bank loans, and right now we have a budget surplus.” Change has already come to Compton.  Picture courtesy of California Young Democrats Black Caucus.

Vogue on Aja Brown Transforming Compton

Compton Renaissance 

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