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Baldwin Hills Dam Failure…….Celebration!?!


Sooooo there was a Baldwin Hills Reservoir where Kenneth Hahn Recreational Park currently resides, well somehow a break in one of the sides gave way eventually leading to five deaths, did you know that?  Back in 1963 at the top of Baldwin Hills sat a large reservoir (filled with water) that (they say) was constructed wrong in an environment with seismic activity going on.  Well sent to us from the Office of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, there seems to be a 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Dam Failure.  Well the celebration seems to come from the formation of the Baldwin Hills Park Lands, not the 5 people that died in the wake of the dam breaking and water raging down the hill at extremely high speeds.  Well save the date, Saturday, December 14, 2013, at Janice’s Green Valley 11am – 4pm (the former dam site) in Kenneth Hahn Park.

Check out this Live Footage of the Dam Breaking:

Baldwin Hills Dam Failure

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