Expo Adjacent Crenshaw District Square Coming

Ret_District-Square_02As we’ve been talking about for a while here at SouthLA, located a block south of the Expo/Crenshaw station the Crenshaw District Square project is gaining traction. Replacing a Rite Aid, Ralph’s and Cleaners, which have been staples in the community for over a decade the two-story 300,000 square foot center will  bring a host of new retailers to the Crenshaw District. It is expected to include a Target,  Ross, Marshall’s and leasing space for other vendors and retailers.

KTGY Design Company on the Crenshaw District Square

New expo adjacnet retail in SouthLA

One thought on “Expo Adjacent Crenshaw District Square Coming

  1. Why is there gonna be a Ross and a Marshall’s? And we dont need or want a high priced Target…A real 99 cent store should be there because there isnt one for miles away and the community needs an option to buy fresh fruit and vegtables at good prices. They can save that Target for a good chain restuarant like Olive Garden or Ruby Tuesday. Can we get a Yogurt Land and a Victoria’s Secret too? Do they even CARE what the residents want and need?

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