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Largest Obersavtion Wheel In The World Craig!

Link Las Vegas Aug 26 2013 Link Las Vegas Nevada USA Photos By Denise TruscelloRemember I told you Las Vegas was building a big @$$ ferris wheel.  I ain’t lie, check out the progress on The Linq and High Roller.  The Linq is Development between the Quad Hotel and  The Flamingo Hotel set to take on the shape of The Grove in West LA.  Featured to be the biggest observational wheel in the world at 550 feet, The High Roller will cost $550 million (a million per foot lol) and easily become the home to an exciting, new attraction for all ages. At 550 feet, the High Roller will serve as a focal point of the $550 million open-air retail dining and entertainment district, which sits on the half-acre of land between The Flamingo and The Quad. The Linq is slated to open in part by December 2013 with a grand opening in February 2014.  This along with Las Vegas new Super Arena Coming will make a great addition to Sin City.

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Vegas Big @$$ Wheel Nearly Done

The Linq

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