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Inglewood’s Walmart Land Sold To NFL Team Owner (Possibly)

hollywood park parking lot

Holy crap, crazy new news in the long struggle to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles: 60 Walmart-owned acres between the newly-reopened Inglewood Forum and therecently-shuttered-for-massive-redevelopment Hollywood Park, formerly a racetrack parking lot, has just sold (it was asking $95 million), possibly or maybe probably to the owner of the St. Louis Rams. The Rams were a Los Angeles team before moving to St. Louis, where they are reportedly not so happy anymore. Walmart had hoped to put one of their big box stores on the land but Inglewood very firmly rejectedthat idea in 2004. For years the company was unable to find the right buyer for the parcel; there was loads of speculation that it would host a new NFL stadium, or that it would be sold to Madison Square Garden Company, which now owns the Forum. The LA Business Journal reports that no one is saying how much the site sold for or who it sold to, but there are some very intriguing dots to connect.

The owner of the Rams franchise, E. Stanley Kroenke, is married to the late Sam Walton’s daughter, and the law firm that represented Kroenke when he purchased a British football club in 2011 is the same one that represented the mystery buyer in this sale, and the LABJ seems pretty sure he’s the buyer.

Put the NFL in Inglewood!!

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