Hawthorne Dropping $11Million To Gussy Up Hawthorne Blvd


Hawthorne city officials have decided to spend $11 million on an overhaul of the city’s main thoroughfare in hopes it will spur new economic development along the sagging strip.

Modern crosswalks, bike paths, wider sidewalks, new storm drain pipes and catch basins and as well as better street lights and bus-stop shelters are among the planned improvements. Public Works Director Arnie Shadbehr said he expects construction to begin this spring and finish near the end of the year.

“The final product is going to be reliable infrastructure with all the amenities you need for the right type of development,” Shadbehr told the City Council on Tuesday. “Private-sector development needs reliable water lines and streets and, at the same time, modern amenities incorporated into design.”

Hawthorne is beautifying itself

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