Take Back Your Neighborhood!


Los Angeles County Launches Update to ‘The Works’ Mobile Application

Are you tired of seeing vehicles illegally parked on front lawns in your neighborhood? Frustrated by graffiti on public buildings, in local parks and at other landmarks? The County of Los Angeles has a solution for you. Today, the Department of Public Works launched an update to ‘The Works’ iPhone app to provide more solutions and expand functionality to three other County departments.
Initially launched in 2012, ‘The Works’ app enables constituents to connect with the County to request services and report possible violations. Residents can now interact with the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Public Health, and Regional Planning by:

  • Requesting facility and trail maintenance at County parks, as well as reporting potential health and safety concerns
  • Reporting potential public health violations at hotels, motels and apartments — such as unclear or cloudy pool water, broken pool gates or fences, and missing pool lights or drain covers
  • Reporting possible property violations, including excessive vegetation, junk or trash; illegal parking; inoperable vehicles; occupied RVs; and improper signs or banners

Users can submit a detailed description of an issue and attach related site photos. While not required, users may provide contact information for additional follow-up. They are also able to see status updates to their request in real time when they subsequently access the app.The app targets users in the County unincorporated areas, as well as incorporated cities that contract with the County. The app is able to determine the appropriate agency based on the address or GPS coordinates. If a user requests a service that is handled by a local city they will be provided with a phone number at that city for further investigation.

For more information and to download the app, visit: http://dpw.lacounty.gov/theworks/


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