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Whats To Come Of Inglewood?


I often find myself driving through the town and, as many residents are, feeling sad about the number of vacant lots, office spaces, and retail storefronts that paint the portrait of a city in depression. How does Inglewood combat this trend?

 The parroted response to this question is, as major developers come in, interest in the community will grow.  This will attract more business owners and developers and, in return, vacant lots will disappear.

 That’s an optimistic thought.  However, it leads me to wonder what types of businesses  will begin to sprout in the community. Who will benefit from these new businesses that stake their forks in Inglewood soil?

 Tax revenues are a sure shot revenue generator for any municipality, but there comes a time when a city must define its culture. And there isn’t a better time than now to begin looking internally to answer those questions.

Our school district is not in the best of shape, and our City is in a period of transformation. As an entrepreneur and creative professional, I believe the time is now for creative and economic opportunity. And who better to partner with, than our own young entrepreneurs, economists, community leaders, and agents of change?

Looking Up For Inglewood 

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This entry was posted on January 31, 2014 by in Community.
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