Removing Dead Horses At Hollywood Park Racetrack


Guess this is a sign that the huge mixed-use development planned for the racetrack is moving forward.  The racetrack actually closed last year and they’re digging up dead racehorses over at Inglewood’s Hollywood Park Racetrack.  The racetrack is going to be bulldozed and replaced with Hollywood Park Tomorrow. There are apparently a few great racehorses buried at the track; Native Diver was a black colt who won 34 stakes and still co-holds the record most Hollywood Gold Cup wins, according to the LA Times. He died in 1967, at the age of eight, from colic, and was buried at Hollywood Park beneath an enormous monument by prolific/fantastic Southern California artist/designer Millard Sheets. Richard Shapiro, whose grandfather owned Native Diver, says “You couldn’t leave a horse like this beneath a real estate development,” so he called in some USC archaeologists (and their students) and yesterday they got to digging. The remains and the monument will be moved to Del Mar racetrack in San Diego.

Beating a Dead Horse @ Hollywood Park

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