Inglewood Renaissance Is Coming!


Inglewood may be the new Brooklyn pretty soon.  Inglewood is on roll with the Fabulous Forum renovation completed courtesy of Madison Square Garden, Hollywood Park Tomorrow ( I hate that name, this should have some reference to Inglewood, ie Inglewood Towne Center, Inglewood Block, etc) under construction, Townehouse coming to the previous site of the Daniel Freeman Hospital, some Football Stadium talk, and now much needed attention is being focused on Downtown Inglewood as the Crenshaw Line prepares to cut right thru downtown.

The large empty lot and market Street are the focus of some extreme development.  The City of Inglewood has hired several developers to see who can put together the best idea for the the large empty parcel right at Florence and Market along with the rest of Market Street.  The city is asking for ideas to incorporate pedestrian friendly shopping, mixed use buildings, residences, and “possibly” entertainment.  This is awesome for the city Inglewood and proud such strides are being made to transform Inglewood into the world city it is.  The city has selected 5 developers to see who can come up with best most functional idea to make  Downtown Inglewood more pedestrian friendly and transit oriented.

 The New Downtown Inglewood 

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