NFL in LA: Rams To Be Moving Back to LA after SuperBowl


The Lie They Call “NFL in Los Angeles”

So this story of the boy who cried wolf is getting old where the the boy is the City of Los Angeles/AEG and the wolf is the NFL.  Will we ever see a National football game in LA again.  First AEG played us along getting us excited thinking one day we can walk out of a Laker game and right into a NFL tailgate, that seems to have fallen thru (even tho AEG is holding onto it for dear life) then we come to the Rams Owner purchasing land between the Forum and the under construction Hollywood Park Tomorrow Development to build a stadium.  At first he was suppose to be bringing a soccer team from London, and now the latest word is that the Rams will be announcing their move back to LA after the superbowl in Feb, we’ll see how that goes.  But whatever happen to the stadium out in the City of Industry.  But now the NFL says they plan on having a team in LA within the next two years looking at locations next to Dodger Stadium, and even Carson.  Well we’ll see this all pans out but seriously don’t hold your breathe.

NFL November Meeting has LA 2015 on the Agenda

 NFL says 1-2 years away from being in LA

Curbed says 2 Teams Coming to LA

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