Hawthorne Mall Making A Comeback!


So Hawthorne has been working on this secret mission to bring back the mall for about a year and now they finally have released the plans to public and they are awesome!  Hawthorne Mall is going Outlet Mall!  ABC did a interview with Mayor Brown and the City Planner and the plans look great.  There has not been a date set to break ground however the it was stated that the mall should be ready for shoppers in 2 to 3 years.  “There is going to be everything from high-end to the standard outlet stores, so it is going to be very attractive and it is going to be the only outlet mall for quite a distance,” City Planning Director Gregg McClain said.  Check out the video by clicking the link below.

ABC has the scoop on Hawthorne Outlet Mall

One thought on “Hawthorne Mall Making A Comeback!

  1. I have a strange fascination with watching YouTube videos of kids breaking into the mall in it’s current state, showing how raggedy and deteriorated it looks.

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