Plans For A New Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall


Remember in 2012 I told yall there were plans to do a complete overhaul of the current Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall, to bring the mall more out the street and make it more pedestrian friendly as well as add hotels and condos galore, well I wasn’t lying! Here are some conceptual designs of what the area is to come of and some are saying it may make the area a 24 hour community.  With the stop at King and Crenshaw off the Crenshaw Line, an underground portal will connect the mall to the Crenshaw Line and I think Capri Capital Partners (mall owners and developers) wants to capitalize off that.  They are planning to add over 2 million square feet of new retail, hotel, offices, condos, and apartment space, completely transforming the current image/idea of the mall.  I believe these plans also incorporate developing Marlton Square as well.  And At Santa Rosalia and Stocker, the plans is to put up a 12-story hotel tower with 400 rooms.

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Curbed LA:

“Developers/mall-owners Capri Capital Partners are planning a separate “pedestrian-oriented retail village” where Stocker Street meets Crenshaw; it would have a collection of one- and two-story restaurants and stores grouped around a wide pedestrian paseo that would connect shoppers to the mall. The area would be liberally landscaped; from the renderings, it looks so similar to a Grove-like shopping center that you can almost hear the piped-in music. Though there are definitely pedestrian-friendly elements at work here, don’t fret, drivers: there will also be plenty of parking. Despite new subway access right at its front door, at MLK Jr. Boulevard and Crenshaw, there will be 7,000 parking spots split between the two sections of the site.”

Well lets see how this pans out.

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Master Plan

Redeveloping BHCP

3 thoughts on “Plans For A New Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall

  1. Well they envision white folks will be here in great numbers….Baldwin Hills, View Park and Windsor Hills will become predominately white. Heck the “Jungle” will become predominantly white. It’s coming. (do you honestly believe they’re redoing this mall for us?)

    • Hello Jeffery,

      First off thank you for checking out SouthLA, but to answer your question of course they’re not doing it for us however we have to make it for us by attending the development meetings, voice our concerns, buying property in the area, taking care of our own environment, we can’t expect anyone to do anything for us we must do it ourselves, hope that answers your question and once again thanks for reading

  2. When will they start construction? Also what are they going to about Leimert Park? The homeless have taken over the park. It use to be be so serene and peaceful with concertts, now it is a mess and unsafe. Every white surburb has their streets and sidewalks done except Inglewood and Los Angeles. I will not vote for any of the present board members or the Mayor Gilcetti. He put a new bridge downtownon on 6 street that cost 400 million dollars

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