Crenshaw District Square Moving Right Along


Some time back I notified you guys of Crenshaw District Square project at Crenshaw and Exposition, well after years of delay, the project is in full motion.  District Square represents a new era within the Crenshaw District.  What was home to the neighborhood old Ralph’s and Cameo Cleaners, which was blighted with asbestos, is being transformed into a 300,000 square foot shopping center, designed by the Irvine-based KTGY Group and The Charles Company.  The project will bring a variety of large chain retailers to the Crenshaw neighborhood. The multi-level development will contain retail and parking on the ground level, retail on the second level, and parking on the roof.  Because this is a multi-level development, vertical transportation is an important component of the project and it will include elevators, escalators and cartilators to handle the movement of people and shopping carts. Segregated ramping is provided in the design to accommodate both private vehicle access and service truck access. Shade/trellis structures at the roof level parking will provide shade and landscaping opportunities.  The project is expected to include a Target, Ross, Marshall’s and leasing space for other vendors and retailers.  KGTY website gives no information on the project’s timeline or budget, but by the way the project is moving along I am predicting a completion date of 2 years, provide no budge issues arise.


South LA Welcomes New Retail Center

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