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Know Your History: Black Wall Street, A True American Genocide


Although we here at SouthLA would love to only promote the positive out our community, we must look back at our past to realize our future.  I don’t want to seem to opinionatied about this topic so I will simply post it and let you build your own synopsis on the matter, but to state the facts, black people of Tulsa Oklahoma of the 1900s like many other blacks around the world in these days were only allowed to live in confined areas of the city which were usually undesirable ares.  The Blacks of Tulsa took a coal and created a diamond by creating a self-sufficient thriving commercial district within the area thus creating somewhat of their own city.  Black businesses begin to thrive better than their white-counter-parts across the train tracks, and of-course this is clearly unacceptable.  Long story short Black Wall street was burned down, Niggers were lynched, and chased away…

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This entry was posted on February 18, 2015 by in Community.
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