Help Fund Compton Cowboys’ “Fire on the Hill”

photo-originalHave you ever been at stop light in Compton and someone on a horse pull up next to you like its nothing, well it really is nothing to them.  Compton  has long time been the home to Black Cowboys however day by day this is diminishing and the Documentary “Fire on the Hill” tells their story.  The Doc is currently on Kickstarer now and they are seeking funding, hoping to tell the story of Compton’s long-running cowboy traditions, with a focus on the obstacles stacked against this thinning herd of devoted, modern-day riders, and about the black cowboys who are an often overlooked part of Los Angeles’ history as Curbed LA puts it.  Please if nothing else click on the link and educate yourself about Los Angeles History and the African American Cowboys endeavors in the Hub City, but if you can please donate, I just donated $40.

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