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Crenshaw Is Getting Green

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.20.05 PM

After construction completes on the Crenshaw Line, Crenshaw Blvd will be more pedestrian friendly thanks to the Crenshaw Boulevard Streetscape Plan.  Lets see if Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas and the Science Center make due on promise to plant twice as many trees as were removed when the Endeavour had to make from LAX to Expo Park.  The new streetscape plans consist of  protected bike lanes (also called cycletracks) mid-block crosswalks, a lot more street trees, and bike parking.  The idea is making the street safer and more inviting to people on foot and on bikes by adding street improvements like at least one scramble crosswalk, more trees and green space, bike lanes, and wider sidewalks ultimately creating a more family oriented environment.

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Crenshaw Blvd Streetscape Plan

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