Just Another Day In SouthLA

The NFL IS Coming Back To LA


Raiders Chargers Stadium in Carson


Rams Stadium in Inglewood

So according to Curbed LA, the NFL is finally coming back to LA, looking primarily at two South Los Angeles Cities, Inglewood and Carson.  The Raiders and Chargers are planning a stadium in Carson and the Rams are eyeing Inglewood.  It looks like all teams are pretty serious about moving here and throwing all types of perks in their offers to the NFL to approve their move to LA.  The Carson stadium is proposing an open air stadium with some 120+ ft structure shooting lightning bolts out of it and offering 25K parking space and eight-plus rent free acres to the NFL for them to build an NFL campus on which they would probably put a television and media studio on.  The Rams are offering an enclosed stadium with 45K parking spots within a mile of the stadium and Light Rail access (a hop, skip, and jump away at Florence and Labrea on the under construction Crenshaw Line or the Green Line to the south at the 105).  The Rams are also selling a 6,000-seat theater and the fact they are being built next to the massive multi-use development with housing and retail center dubbed Hollywood Park Tomorrow that may  rival LA Live in there offer.  Well both offers look very intriguing but The Rams may pull out  with the win with this one being they are a little further along with the process then the Raiders and Chargers in this race, but we’ll see how it plays out.  But one thing is for certain, the NFL will be returning to LA very soon!

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