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NFL Back In LA, Rams Coming To Inglewood


So it’s official, the Rams are coming back to LA, and what better way to welcome them back but with a brand spanking new $2 Billion dollar Stadium, dubbed “City of Champions Stadium.”  The Stadium is set for completion in 2019 and until then the Rams will share the Coliseum with the Trojans.  The three million square feet stadium will features “a sail-shaped roof that’s twice as big as the stadium and shelters the football field, an adjacent 6,000-seat performing arts venue and the ‘Champions Plaza’ in between,” according to the LAT. That cover—which will be open on the sides—will be transparent, but also programmable as “the world’s biggest billboard,

Rams owner Stan Kroenke, known for his ruthlessness, has already broken ground on a huge stadium complex on the former site of the Hollywood Park racetrack, adjacent to an enormous mixed-use developmentthat will include housing, office space, retail, a hotel, and a lake (altogether it covers about 300 acres), which Kroenke is co-developing with Stockbridge Capital Group. Work has already begun on the project, the stadium site is a dirt pit, and in December the LA Times reported that “If developers get the green light from the league, they say, stadium construction can begin within a couple of weeks.” This will be the building football fans across the US think of when they think of Los Angeles, so let’s take a tour, shall we?

The stadium project was completely approved only about a month after Kroenke announced it. Normally in California, large development projects have to go through a lengthy environmental review process, but clever Kroenke came up with a workaround: he got it on the ballot in Inglewood, funding a signature campaign to put the matter to a vote, which didn’t even have to take place—the ballot qualification alone opened the door for the city council to give a simple approval without all those pesky environmental docs or voters getting in the way.

Inside, the stadium can equally accommodate two teams, so if the Chargers decide to take the NFL up on its offer to move in with the Rams, neither owner will have to suffer with a smaller suite than the other. The seating area will hold 70,240 seats, plus room for 30,000 more in standing-room only conditions, plus 274 suites and 16,300 premium suites—that means tons and tons of money for the teams and the NFL.

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City of Champion Stadium

Fly through New Inglewood Stadium

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