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The 24th Annual Pan African Film and Art Festival


Honoring African filmmakers and artists from around the globe, the Pan African Film and Art Festival (PAFF) will continue through Feb. 15, and is expected to draw more than 35,000 people to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw community. The more than two-week event has made Baldwin Hills Crenshaw its home for the past 20 years, beginning in 1996 when it hosted the festival as part of its Celebration of African American Heritage Event. This year, over 100 films will be screened at RAVE Cinemas. The festival will also include a one-on-one conversation with Nate Parker, who is making his directorial debut in a feature film about the Southampton County, Virginia slave revolt, THE BIRTH OF A NATION.

As part of the festival, more than 6,000 students from across Los Angeles County and their teachers will participate in the annual StudentFest, engaging in discussions about the intersection of film and important societal issues, such as teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, literacy, cultural and racial respect, teen self-esteem and gang prevention.

The festival will also feature a fashion show showcasing African fashions created by wearable art artists called ArtFest.

Pan African Film and Art Festival






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