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Los Angeles Renters’ Rights Guide

black fam moving

Anyone familiar with the Los Angeles Housing Market will tell you in order to purchase anything out here you have to be willing to give up your right arm, left leg, right foot, left hand, first born,  granny, and if you want a speedy escrow (which doesn’t exist) one of your nieces or nephews, well to add insult to injury, the Renters Market isn’t any better.  Even though with all the mass production of large housing developments and residential skyscrapers popping up, LA is still in a housing shortage which allows for Landlords to charge astronomical rental rates.  But the bad news doesn’t stop there for renters,  due to Ellis Act, which allows Landlords to evict tenants to demolish buildings or remove them from the rental market, (which is becoming more and more popular with the recent launch of AirBnB) is making it more and more and more bleak for renters.  As long as Landlords provide a relocation fee to evicted tenant this is perfectly legal.  Per LA Curbed, evictions from rent-controlled units have doubled since 2013 and the number of affordable rental units removed from the housing market has tripled within that same panictime-frame.

Sooo, to provide a smidgen of relief, Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department, is launching a new campaign called “Home for Renters” to help renters better understand their rights as tenants. The campaign will use print media such, ads, flyers, door-hangers, etc  to ensure tenants in LA’s “most vulnerable” neighborhoods are aware of the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, passed in 1979 which sets precedents for what is a legally allowable reasons for evictions, as well as advises on the the types of evictions that require landlords to pay tenants to relocate.

Home Is More Than Just A Roof Over Your Head

2 comments on “Los Angeles Renters’ Rights Guide

  1. joebaja
    August 6, 2016

    what about the property owner who has to endure crappy renters? The mayor agreed to a 5% rate increase PER year for the next 5 years. Do you think its fair that the homeowner must absorb these additional costs? There are many great renters who are being priced out of Santa Monica and Venice, those great renters should be able to consider South LA as a viaiabke option. South LA deserves better!

    • southla
      August 6, 2016

      I can not fully give you an opinion on the 5% increase because I am not familiar with it and all it covers, but as far as Renters in Santa Monica and Venice having an option to move to South LA, no1 is blocking them (Like the racial covenants that block non-whites from moving west of Central that were only left in the 1940’s, less than 100yrs ago) However I personally do not welcome them. I feel a lot of these ppl not only looked down on South LA and often brag about not having to traveling east of the 405 other than to Downtown, but I also feel that these ppl would not be beneficial in uplifting and helping the already existing community. I feel now only because they are being kicked out of their glamours world they now turn to ours. It was cool when only a certain income to afford to live in SAMO but now it looks like those ppl are being pushed as well. I believe there’s saying, it goes “karma is…” I can’t remember it lol….but that’s just my opinion. Thank you for reading SouthLA, Have an awesome day!

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