BUiLT LA – Blacks United in Leading Technology

A Revealing Look at African American Technology Habits

– Thursday, Oct. 21st @ 5pm:  Investing in Opportunity Zones

Opportunities– Lightbox: Customer Success Manager – Fully Remote hiring now
– Ogun Labs: Front End Web Dev


Thursday, Oct. 21st @ 5pm:  Investing in Opportunity Zones
RSVP:  https://www.meetup.com/built-la/events/281494491/

Tax Benefits that Incentivize ACCESS TO CAPITAL
Qualified Opportunity Zones 101

Join this in-depth conversation with experts who will provide examples of ways to leverage the tax benefits regarding Opportunity Zone Incentivizes for High Growth Businesses and Real Estate Projects.

During this session, you will learn how the Opportunity Zone incentive can benefit you by attracting capital to your emerging and growing businesses. This program is an overview that clarifies the purpose, regulatory structure, investor tax incentives, community & DEI impact, and capital access benefits for qualifying businesses and real estate projects. The subject matter is somewhat technical, but the results are worth it as the Opportunity Zone incentive is driving private capital into areas of the country that have been capital starved for generations.

OPPORTUNITIES ============

Lightbox: Customer Success Manager – Fully Remote hiring now

Can also email / fwd resumes directly to Jose Robles jrobles@lightboxre.com

Ogun Labs: Front End Web Dev

Our company is looking for temporary frontend developer support for our platform. Our platform uses Unbounce so it is critical that this person have experience working with Unbounce pages and working with Javascript. Experience with Airtable is preferred as well.

There are two core responsibilities we are looking for help with, from one person:
1) a one-time project to review and update our existing Unbounce pages so that they are current and optimized with current Unbounce code
2) be on-call for pre-scheduled weeks over the coming 3 months to help support our customers technical issues when they arise. This person would not be interfacing directly with customers, but our customer service teams would flag any reported user issues to the developer to troubleshoot and resolve

Please send your resume to jobs@ogunlabs.com


Your BUiLT LA Team

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