Inglewood Where’s Yo Metro?

Inglewood Fails in attempts to create Monorail/People Mover

No Downtown Inglewood stop, doesn’t connect to Green Line, that’s now consider the C Line, What the H is going on in City hall. Inglewood announced back in 2018 that they were creating a Monorail-like system that would runs 1.6 miles, from Market Street/Florence station to Sofi Stadium with only one other stop which is in front of the Forum. It won’t even connect with the anticipated Clippers Intuit Dome, major fail Inglewood, major fail. First off, this should have been constructed as the Sofi Stadium was being built. Have you been to a Rams/Chargers game, are trying to travel thru Inglewood on a Game Night, yea don’t do that. Mayor Butts has secured $380 million for the project but is relying on the infrastructure bill to provide sufficient funding for that project that is exceeding $1 billion. But why no stop at Manchester and Market? Century and Prairie?

While construction was originally anticipated to occur over a 45-month period between 2022 and 2026, the revised project is expected to be built over a period of 46 months between January 2024 and November 2027.

Ground Breaking for Inglewood People Mover pushed back to 2024

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