National BLACK OUT September 8!


African American life is obviously being expressed as something America can do without or holds no value, lets show America just how valuable we are. We need to continue to bond together and fight in numbers and Monday September 8th, TOMORROW, will be another chance to tell America its time to cut the crap, not only are we here but we belong here!

Whats Going On Downtown?!


Even though SouthLA focusing on South Los Angeles and surrounding urban areas, I would love to shine some light on LA’s commerical core, Downtown.  Now give or take 15 years ago Downtown was a desolate ghost town after 7pm, now its another thriving live, work, play area of Los Angeles.  Well now there are several huge projects planned for Downtown.  Due to the amount of projects I’m just going to list them, peruse at your leisure.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.28.10 PM

Korean Air’s New Super Tall Tower 

888 Olive Tower

50 Story North South Park Tower

The New ‘Park Fifth’

New Skyscraper Going up in the Historic Core

First phase of Metropolis

Two Towers For 12th & Flower

23 Projects Slated 4 DTLA



TODAY! “What Do We Tell Our Sons?”


In light of the Trayvon Martin case, Atty. Jaaye Person-Lynn will moderate a panel tonight: What Do We Tell Our Sons? Please don’t miss this forum from the legal perspective! Don’t let your sons and daughters navigate Los Angeles without these details! Sponsored by Black Women Lawyers, Inc., and N.A.N.

Today! Thursday, August 15, from 5-8pm, (light refreshments from 5-6pm and discussion from 6-8pm), at First AME Church, 2270 S. Harvard Blvd., LA, CA 90018, our legal community will communicate the law as it relates to the Zimmerman verdict in Florida and racial profiling in California.

This is forum is your legal community in action, doing our part to ensure that Trayvon Martin’s, Kendrick McDade’s, Oscar Grant’s, and the many others unnecessary deaths will not be in vein.  Knowledge is Power and gives Confidence.  This is literally the type of knowledge that saves lives! I look forward to seeing you.

Skyscraper Rising All Over LA


Skyscrapers are rising all over town, Hollywood skyline is dramatically changing  and DTLA’s is getting major additions.  Not including LA’s soon to be new tallest, LA skyline is changing all over town.  Hollywood is getting several new towers, DTLA is getting a huge new mixed-use mini high rise development consiting of 5 towers along Franciso St, hopingto create a pesdestrian only street connecting South Park to the Financial District.  DTLA is getting and four residential towers.

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CiciLAvias 3rd Time Around


I’ve often over looked this event  because LA is on this super new bike fad right now and I wasn’t sure how long it was gonna last, plus I just thought the event was overrated (just being honest) however with me soon purchasing my two wheels connected to a handle bar and seat I think I might just indulge in CiciLAvias this year, plus their headed back to Downtown where it originally started which would be more interesting to take part in, just in my opinion.  CiciLAvias (no clue what it stands for or actually means) is bike and pedestrian festival that closes down streets to cars for bikes and pedestrian.   I believe its all to encourage biking and walking instead of driving in LA but don’t quote me on that.  This year its going to be on October 6, with a 7.4-mile route through the Civic Center, Historic Core, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, the Piñata District (where the hell is the Piñata District), and DTLA-adjacent Boyle Heights and MacArthur Park.  Should be fun hope to see yall out there, I’ma be sporting my SouthLA Tee!

What does CiciLAvia mean/stand for

Curbed on CiciLAvia

National Day Dance!


Dancie your way to Fitness in Downtown LA.  Thousands of Angelenos are expected to show off their cha-cha-cha moves, clap their hands and do the hip hop “swing-a-ling” in Downtown L.A.’s GrandPark Saturday at the National Dance Day celebration. Hosted by the Dizzy Feet Foundation and the MusicCenter, National Dance Day is intended to get kids, adults and senior citizens exercising and having fun while dancing. Participants will be able to dance in the Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain splash pad and see a special performance by the Los Angeles-based dance company, Still Motion, led by Stacey Tookey, the choreographer behind the hit show So You Think You Can Dance. This Saturday, July 27, in Downtown LA’s new GrandPark!

Dance It Off In Grand Park

Skid Row Sporting Some New Housing


Work has already began the New Pershing Apartments in the old Pershing Hotel, originally built in 1889. Developed by the Skid Row Housing Trust, the New Pershing Apartments will showcase a Victorian Facade of the old Pershing Hotel.  The new apartments will provide apartments for homeless and low-income residents on Skid Row.  New Pershing Apartments are slated to be done in a year and will house 65 studios and four one-bedroom apartments, a landscaped courtyard, a couple commercial spaces for lease, and healthcare and counselling services for residents.  Skid Row Housing Trust has making major moves, kudos guys, keep up the good work.

More Hosing Coming To Skid Row

Urban Outfitters Opening Up In DTLA

DTLA Urban Outfitter

Downtown has and still is transforming.  Along with Guess (on 7th and Grand, I think), Ross (at 8th and Broadway), and now Urban Outfitters at the old Rialo  Theatre on Broadway.  The Phily based retailer plans to restore the Rialo’s Historic Marquee, said to be the longest existing marque in Los Angeles.  The store is  set to be open and fully restored/renovated by the end of the year.  The addition of Urban Outfitters is part of the city’s 10-year Bringing Back Broadway initiative, which aims to bring the theater-lined street back to its glory days of the early-twentieth century. It’s been gaining some major speed with the addition of new restaurants, hotels, retail, and a coming streetcar.

Broadway Getting Restored

Official Station Names For Expo Phase II

expo-line-phase2-map (1)

Approved by the Metro Board, here are the official station names along the under-construction Expo Line Phase II.   A motion by Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky changed the Exposition/Westwood to Westwood/Rancho Park.

Official Station Name

  1. Palms
  2. Westwood/Rancho Park
  3. Exposition/Sepulveda
  4. Exposition/Bundy
  5. 26th Street/Bergamot
  6. 17th Street/Santa Monica College
  7. Downtown Santa Monica

EXPO-LINE-PHASE-2-09-13-2012-038DTLA to Downtown Santa Monica via Metro

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