Future Mayors, Assemblymen/women, And Senators

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Get your youth involved early in public policy to become tomorrows Mayors, Assemblymen/women, and Senators.  Students entering the 10th and 11th Grades are invited to join the 2015-2017 Youth Policy Council for students, committed to promoting civic engagement and raising awareness on policies that affect youth in Los Angeles. The students’ area will be determined by the school they attend, rather than the area they live, so if you know of a qualified teen going to school in South LA, please pass this amazing opportunity along. The paper application and Parental Consent form are attached. Fill them out, scan, and email them before February 16, 2015. The Mayor’s South LA Representative Tonna Onyendu — tonna.onyendu@lacity.org.

REMINDER:  Youth are always welcome at our Neighborhood Council meetings, too! At 16, they are eligible to vote for Board Members