LA Rams And Chargers Stadium Taking Shape


The LA Rams and Chargers Stadium are beginning to take shape.  The 70,240-seat arena will be the first indoor/outdoor stadium to be built, a clear roof above but open on all sides, no walls, so guest will enjoy the feeling of being outside yet protected from the elements.  The $2.6 billion stadium will be the largest stadium ever built at 3.1 million square feet.  The stadium is actually a giant whole in the ground; the base of the stadium is a 100ft in the ground rather than the normal max of 30ft due to the proximity to LAX.  The LA Stadium will have the largest video screen at 120 yards (dubbed Oculus) just about the same size of the football field it will be hovering directly above.  The LA Stadium will be opening in 2020 and is planned to host the Super Bowl LVI, 2023 College Football National Championship, and the 2028 Summer Olympic Games.


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Live Construction Cam

Stadium Construction


LA Rams Stadium Beginning To Take Shape 

Inglewood Stadium Video 



New Hollywood Park Casino Almost Done


The new Hollywood Park Casino is nearing completion.  The newly built Hollywood Park Casino will open this Fall and is expected to generate $2 million a year in city taxes.  A dramatic glass entrance, similar to a Vegas style casino, dubbed the Cary Grant Pavilion will span 110,000 square feet and host 125 card game tables, simulcast wagering, a sports bar and restaurant (Century Bar & Grill), intimate lounge, gourmet café, and a 20 percent increase in high limit play.  The new casino will have a sports lounge for card players and visitors to watch sporting events, larger game rooms and a multihollywood-park level parking garage steps away from the entrance.  This project is just one of numerous new business set to come in the only part of Inglewood being revitalized.  I strongly hope that this development ties into the existing and community and other than widening century blvd for the Football games, I hope Mayor Butts has more beautification projects planned for the area.

The old casino will stay open until the new one opens this fall. An official grand opening is set for late October but doors of the gray one-story 110,000-square-foot building fronting Century Boulevard near Prairie Avenue will likely open earlier.

New Hollywood Park Casino Set To Open Fall

 New Hollywood Park Casino Set To Open Fall 2016

Rams Owner Releases New Renderings For Inglewood Stadium


Inglewood’s planned football stadium may have hit a hurdle but St. Louis Rams owner, Stan Kroenke is not letting that slow down the project.  Kroenke will be fully prepared for a meeting with NFL owners in Arizona for his planned Inglewood Stadium.

Kroenke has in his posseion now,  finished schematic plans for what is said to be the world’s most interactive and integrated football stadium, a futuristic, $1.86-billion, privately financed venue proposed for the Hollywood Park site in Inglewood.  Here take a look for yourself.

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LA Times has the full scoop on the new plans

sports and real estate billionaire to show the small army of architects and engineers at his disposal have made significant progress.

Inglewood Stadium First Big Stumble

la-b823333208z-1-20150104225329-000gil7j0c37-1-20150104The Stadium slated for Hollwyood Park Casiono Development had eased by major hurdles like not having to produce an EIR (environmental impact report, which is usually long and strenuous process), they collected 20,000 signatures for the project la-sp-sn-new-stadium-20150320-009when they only needed 8,100 thus allowing City Council to just approve the project instead of putting it on the ballots to be voted upon by the residents of Inglewood well now it may go back on the ballots.  Well the Stadium seemed clear on its way to breaking ground but that would be way to easy and major developement in South LA/Inglewood don’t come easy, so of-course with everything looking way too peachy and smooth a monkey wrench had to be thrown into the process for thela-sp-sn-new-stadium-20150320-011 Inglewood Stadium to move from paper to something actually tangible and here it is.  To get to the meat and potatoes of all basically the developer of the Stadium has so far refused to officially commit to hiring union workers to build and operate the stadium and the union has started collection signatures that could lead to a local vote.  Hopefully a decision that benefit both parties can be met, I really want to see a Stadium rise next the Forum.

Friction Between Unions and Developers in Inglewood

Beware Gentrification is Afoot SouthLA!

RadPad_LA_webI really hope you all have been keeping up with the major developments currently under-construction because major gentrification is afoot, really its already started happening.  Don’t get me wrong I’m all for diversity however the Crenshaw District/Inglewood is the only geographical location in Southern California that caters to African Americans, and with strong gentrification nearing this may mean an end to what has a been the West Coast African American Cultural mecca.  Every culture/race has their area within LA [Jews have Mid-City West/Hancock Park, Koreans have Koreatown, Japanese, Little Tokyo, Chinese, Chinatown, Whites Westside and South Bay, Hispanics, East LA/South East LA and Gateway Cities (everywhere really), etc] this is all we have.  Inglewood is planning 3000 homes for the Hollywood Park Casino land and South LA is planning to build hundreds of condos and apartments around the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza so and with Curbed LA releasing a map of the cheapest and highest rents along the currently under-construction metro lines, please expect some new neighbors. The positive of gentrification is it brings new amenities and faces to the neighborhood, the negative the neighborhood loose its cultural flare and simply becomes a bland thoroughfare for Central LA/Hollywood/DTLA to get to LAX, but don’t just take my opinion on it, weigh it out for yourself.  Google gentrification in Lincoln Park, Highland Park, Echo Park, the Boyle Heights Community is doing everything in its power to fight gentrification.  I just wanna give the heads up so know no one can say I didn’t see this coming.   I just want to educate people on whats going on in their neighborhoods so that they have the opportunity to move on these. So if your in the process of buying, thinking about buying, want to buy please start buying in South LA.  Please let me know your opinion/ideas on this matter, please feel free to leave a comment.

Inglewood Football Stadium Gaining Momentum


I know we’ve been dazzled before with NFL talk [**cough**Farmers Field**cough**City of Industry**cough**Carson] however this Stadium in Inglewood may be really coming and the efforts from Stockbridge and the Owner of the St. Louie Rams are gaining more traction than I’ve seen from any of the other Stadium ideas (mainly because there’s an actual football team involved in the plans rather than just billionaire boy developers dreaming up ideas) So for some reason if you haven’t heard, the Hollywood Park Racetrack is being torn down and recreated into Hollywood Park Tomorrow.  The developer of this currently under construction mega-project has partnered with the owner of the Rams to build a 80, 000-seat NFL Stadium and a 6,000-seat Entertainment Venue adjacent to the stadium.  Now whats making this different than the other NFL Stadium ideas, beside the involvement of an actual football team, is that Stan Kroenke (the owner of the Rams) and Stockbridge are going to sidestep the usual pre-development process, which involves a lengthy environmental report, by putting the Stadium development on the Inglewood ballot.  The issue lies in the zoning changes necessary that’ll make it legal to build a stadium on the site.  If the planned stadium goes to a vote, Inglewood residents could be hitting the polls as soon as June to decide the stadium’s fate.  There are also regulations on building tall buildings near the airport, therefore the developers plans to sink the stadium 100 feet into the ground, making it low enough to avoid the FAA study.  The developers seem to have the communities support by collecting 20,000 signatures when only 8,400 were necessary.  So all in all guys we might actually be getting a football team……FINALLY!

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Curbed LA has the scoop on Inglewoods Stadium

HPT Gallery

Inglewood Putting Stadium on the Ballot

Senator Isadore Hall III on the Inglewoods Potential Stadium

Inglewood Stadium Developers Moving Along


Holy Shih-Tzu, Rendering Relaeased of Inglewood’s Planned Football Stadium


You guys thought I was pulling your leg when I did the Rams are moving back to LA after Superbowl post,  well I kid-you-not, LA Times just confirmed it, St. Louis Rams owner is building a football stadium on 60 acrese of land between the forum and the, under construction, Hollywood Park Tomorrow Development.   LA Times has also blessed us with first conceptual design of the what the City of Champions Football stadium is to look like (pictured above).  We all know that design get transformed several times before they actually break ground on a project, so don’t expect the stadium to look exactly like the rendering above however I think this gives us the main idea.  As far as what I can see, there’s seems to be a large pedestrian/fan plaza directly in front of the stadium with another large body of water for the area ( the Hollywood Park Tomorrow Development has a huge lake in the middle of it with river leading to a lower lake, and I thought we were in a drought).

Rams owner Stan Kroenke, purchased the 60 acres a year ago, and has seemed to partner with the owners of the 238-acre Hollywood Park developer, Stockbridge Capital Group. The plan is to add an 80,000-seat NFL stadium and 6,000-seat performance venue to the already-massive development of retail, office, hotel and residential space, Stockbridge and the Kroenke Group confirmed with The Times.  The Inglewood site Kroenke bought last year is too small for a stadium and parking, but the deal with Stockbridge, the neighboring developer, provides ample space.  The Rams have the option to to convert their lease in St. Louis to year-to-year, so I assume there gonna stay in St. Louie till the stadium is completed. The Rams declined comment on any plans to move to LA times but at this point its obivious whats going down.


Inglewood Property Value is about to SKYROCKET!!

Inglewood Renaissance Is Coming!


Inglewood may be the new Brooklyn pretty soon.  Inglewood is on roll with the Fabulous Forum renovation completed courtesy of Madison Square Garden, Hollywood Park Tomorrow ( I hate that name, this should have some reference to Inglewood, ie Inglewood Towne Center, Inglewood Block, etc) under construction, Townehouse coming to the previous site of the Daniel Freeman Hospital, some Football Stadium talk, and now much needed attention is being focused on Downtown Inglewood as the Crenshaw Line prepares to cut right thru downtown.

The large empty lot and market Street are the focus of some extreme development.  The City of Inglewood has hired several developers to see who can put together the best idea for the the large empty parcel right at Florence and Market along with the rest of Market Street.  The city is asking for ideas to incorporate pedestrian friendly shopping, mixed use buildings, residences, and “possibly” entertainment.  This is awesome for the city Inglewood and proud such strides are being made to transform Inglewood into the world city it is.  The city has selected 5 developers to see who can come up with best most functional idea to make  Downtown Inglewood more pedestrian friendly and transit oriented.

 The New Downtown Inglewood 

Hollywood Park Tomorrow Is Chugging Along

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Hopefully you’ve noticed the green construction gate around Hollywood Park Casino, well wheels have finally started moving on the Hollywood Park Tomorrow development.  Which if you remember the Hollywood Park Tomorrow project will include somewhat of 3,000 homes, a mix of condos, apartments, and single family houses built around several parks and lakes, and anchored by a Grove like retail/commercial district.

Hollywood Park Tomorrow consists of the redevelopment of the approximately 238-acre project site, and includes demolition of the existing Hollywood Park racetrack/grandstand, the rehabilitation of the 120,000 square-foot Pavilion/Casino gaming facility, and construction of a new mixed-use development that contains approximately 2,995 dwelling units, 620,000 square feet (sf) of retail space, 75,000 sf of office/commercial space, a 300-room hotel, 10,000 sf of community serving uses, and a 25-acre park system with passive and active recreational opportunities. On June 3, 2009, the Inglewood City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) and on July 8, 2009, approved the Hollywood Park Specific Plan (HPSP) and other entitlements associated with the project.

HPT Specific Plan

 HPT Council Meeting

National BLACK OUT September 8!


African American life is obviously being expressed as something America can do without or holds no value, lets show America just how valuable we are. We need to continue to bond together and fight in numbers and Monday September 8th, TOMORROW, will be another chance to tell America its time to cut the crap, not only are we here but we belong here!