New Solar Paneled School in South LA


Recently completed, the ‘Green Dot Amino Leadership’ Charter High School built by american firm Brooks and Scarpa Architects is an innovative and sustainable building that also encourages kids to learn. located in a south los angeles neighborhood, Lennox/Inglewood.  The entire south facade is covered by 650 solar panels, that provide a massive 75 percent of the school’s total energy requirements.  The students are exposed to a new learning experience through the design, which also sets an example for school typologies in the area. the integrated sustainability principles not only have significant environmental benefits, they also offer the children an uplifting atmosphere in which to learn.  Check out more pics at the link below.

New Charter School Lennox


History and Renovation of The Forum….Video

Wanted to upload the video of the video I grab at The Forum Press Conference this past Tuesday.  The video highlights the rich history of The Forum and whats to come of once the renovation is complete, a premier concert venue less than 10 minutes away from the airport.  The Forum currently is bring 300 construction jobs and 250 permanent jobs to Inglewood.  And now The Forum is on the register to become a National Historic Building.

Inside the under-construction Forum Vid 1

Inside the Forum Vid 2

Inside The ‘New’ Fabulous Forum

P1070758 Allow me to bring you inside the The ‘New’ Fabulous Forum.  The ‘New’ Fabulous Forum is being restored to its original glory.  Madison Square Garden purchased the Forum last year for around $25 million and promised to invest $5o million into the Forum’s renovation, creating a premier concert venue for the West Coast.  I believe they actually totally invested $75 million in renovations though.

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MSG has a long history in restore concert venue, from RadioCity Hall, to the Beacon Theatre, and now the Fabulous Forum.  Expect awesome new amenities such as state of the art acoustics, outdoor terrace, an updated marquee at Prairie and Manchester (it will compliment the arches of the Forum), updated bathrooms and concessions in a very contemporary setting.  The Forum has a long history of bringing awesome acts to Inglewood and MSG wants to make sure that continues in the 21st century.  The Forum is slated for completion by the end year and expecting to host ‘The Eagles’ January 14, 2014 as the first performers in the “New Fabulous Forum.’ Go to our Facebook group to view the face-lift of the forum.

Restoring the Forum to its original glory

New Music School In Ladera Heights

lader music acad

Founded by Dr. Tanitra Flenaugh, the Ladera Heights Music Academy opend shop on 4912 West Slauson Ave, LA 90056 last April.  Dr. Flenaugh wanted make sure the communities of Ladera Heights, Inglewood, Windsor Hills & Baldwin Hills communities had access to affordable and excellent music classes.  “Every week, the academy is adding more classes to accommodate new students,” stated by an academy spokesperson.  The academy offers piano, violin, drums, voice, and guitar classes for students ranging from three years old to senior citizens. Parents can also sign up for MusicTogether classes with their infants.  I’m so glad that individuals are taking it upon themselves to make sure the youth of today still access to music that seems to be slowly by taking out of inner city schools.

Ladera Heights Music Academy

Crenshaw Line Is Really Coming!


Not sure how much you have been following along but the Crenshaw District IS getting its own Light Rail/Subway. Last week the planned light rail received a boost from the  Metropolitan Transportation Authority staff recommending a $1.27 billion contract to build the line.   The Line will begin at The Aviation Station along the Green Line, travel north along La Cienaga( meet a soon to be people mover at Century Blvd that will  that take travelers directly into the soon-but-not-too-soon Grand Terminal at LAX), touch the eastern tip of Westchester with a station at Hindry to serve the Westchester community.  The Light Rail will hit a slight right along Florence, cutting through Downtown Inglewood and finally hitting Crenshaw Blvd in Hyde Park at Crenshaw and Florence.  The train will continue north along Crenshaw all the way to expo, submerging underground after Slauson Ave. with a subway stop at Leimert Park at or around Vernon  amd another subway stop at MLK Blvd with a underground entrance to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.  Bravo!

On June 27, the full Metro board is scheduled to vote on the contract and whether to approve Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructors as the contractor.

Crenshaw on the Move

Leimert Park Celebrates

Crenshaw LAX Timeline


Check out this awesome timeline of the Crenshaw/LAX Line posted to Chairmen Mark Ridley-Thomas’s website.  The timeline features committee meetings, ground-breakings, and more, all the efforts to build to the Crenshaw Line “for the people and the community it cuts through.  It really lays out of the struggles Crenshaw/LAX Line is running into and the amount of time the project has already been delayed in one way or another.

Crenshaw/LAX Timeline

LA’s Most Polluted Neighborhoods

enviroscreen1 (1)

A new interactive map released by the California Environmental Protection Agency shows some of LA’s most polluted areas, and don’t be too surprised but South LA has made the list.  According to Curbed LA, the poorest and “Hipster” parts of LA seem to be the most polluted.  Not sure wat exactly defines a hipster, to my knowledge it was a rich kid that rock skinny jeans a tee shirt and fedora and lives in a urban part of the city so guess that doesn’t come at too much of shock to me. Inglewood Hills (North  along La brea), Windsor Hills, Baldwin Hills, View Park, and Ladera seem to be ok though, along with MidCity and its surrounding communities.   Morningside in Inglewood and Baldwin Hills flat land not looking so good though.  The new tool assigns a score to every zip code based on a range of factors–11 types of pollution, the effects of pollution, and the vulnerability of residents–to determine where the state EPA should direct funding.

Poor and Hipster Neighborhoods Most Polluted

 Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment


Hollywood Park Tomorrow Has Awaken


Betfair Hollywood Park Racetrack has scheduled all its last races for December 2013, come January construction will begin on huge “Pop Up” neighborhood.  The proposed neighborhood will demolish the race track renovate the casino, add a Grove-like shopping center, 300-room hotel, office space, parks, 2,995 residences (mostly single-family houses and townhouses), and several lakes (LOL Lake Inglewood).  The project was originally proposed back in 2005 and was approved back 2009 but due to the econmic turn it was put on hold.  Well lets see if we actually break ground this time.

Inglewood Getting Some Major Development

14th Annual Black College Expo Returns To LA

Black College Expo

The 14th Annual Black College Expo Returns to LA February 2nd and as someone who was accepted to Hampton University on the spot (Black Collge Expo Oakland 2005) I definitely recommend making the trip to all High School Students.  Younger students can get a feel for what is necessary to get into their ideal schools and older students with all the necessary documents can be accepted on the spot to certain schools.  Helping over 375,000 students get into college and giving away over $500,000 in scholarships The Black College Expo will take place on Saturday, February 2, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Make sure you have all the requirements necessary for your school, dress professional and you can have your college acceptance on the spot.  I had to go up to Oakland because after attending the LA Expo I didn’t do my personal statement, thinking since I was doing an on the spot interview I didn’t need it, WRONG.  The next week it was in Oakland so along with having a wonderful supportive mother, I prepared my personal statement and was on the road to Oakland the next weekend.  Now I am Hampton University Alum, Thanks Black College Expo!

Black College Expo

Los AngelesBlackCollege Expo

Mark Your Calendar’s, SouthLA Is Starting The Year Off Right!

 Pull out those red pens and mark your calendar, we got some meetings to attend.  The Coalition For An Active South Los Angeles is starting the year off right, with meetings.  Doesn’t sound so great but people we’re planning our own, our kids, and our grandkids future here so please try to attend what can.  Well between The Coalition For An Active South Los Angeles and Community Health Council its looking like January is going to be busy.  Events and Meetings are as follow:

Coaliton For An Active South Los Angeles Meeting

January 23, 10am – 12pm
Community Health Councils
3731 Stocker Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Food Policy Roundtable, Making SouthLA Healthier

January 24, 10am – 12pm
Community Health Councils
3731 Stocker Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

The Weight Of The Nation

(Screening for a New HBO Documenterary)
February 2, 10am – 12pm
Childrens Collective
915 West Manchester Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90044
and don’t forget 

Call To Action January 15th

Open House and Public Hearing for the West Adams-Baldwin Hills-Leimert Park
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 5pm-9pm
 Nate Holden Performing Arts Center
4718 West Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016