SouthLA DevIdea: South Bay Skyline – Del Amo City Center

Del Amo City Center

The now fifth largest mall in america is finally getting some attention but in my opinion not enough. Del Amo Fashion Center in the South Bay city Torrance is getting a revamp, finally bringing it into the 21st century, however I feel how they are redesigning the mall now is how it should already look and at this point should be getting revamped to look a little more impressive.

That’s just in my own opinion, but if I had my way I would completely tear-down the mall and create a Century City’isc atmosphere, creating a downtown for the South Bay.  Ideally I feel every region within LA County should have its own mini high-rise district; The valley has the Warner Center, the Westside has Century City, the Lower Westside has the Howard Hughes Center/LAX, South County Has Downtown Long Beach, why shouldn’t the South Bay create their own skyline.

(Excuse my simple map of the project, but allow me to paint you a picture) Well I would…..

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SouthLA DevIdea: Ladera Shell


The Ladera Shell is a Development Idea of mine for an outdoor amphitheater once the Inglewood Oil Fields are cleared.  The Ladera Shell would be built along La Cienaga and Slauson in area that would maximize acoustics.  The Ladera Shell would rival The Hollywood Bowl and The Forum in Inglewood for outdoor performance, however would offer a closer option than the Hollywood Bowl, or Verizon Amphitheater down in Orange County. #JustAnIdea

SouthLA DevIdea: Hawthorne Kart World

Wouldn’t it be amazing if (SouthLA) converted the Hawthorne Plaza Mall, into a go Go-Kart and slot car haven!  Hear Me Out, you have an abandon mall, 2 story mall with 2 unused large department store type structures, an existing parking structure and a surrounding community begging for something to do outside of traveling 20 minutes north or 15 minutes south.  Within the existing walls of the mall, I would propose building 3 go-kart tracks, one looping the entire mall going between the 2 levels and maybe even on the roof, also convert the inner mall space into 3 different slot car rooms with consisting of 3 to 6 tracks each, build a 6 lane bowling alley 2 lounges, event space, a food court, a small out door skate park and even a 3 Theatre Dollar Movie (Its always better to watch movies in groups).  Give the community something to do.