Prototype House In South LA $165/sq


From Curbed LA – Lehrer Architects designed these two prototype houses in the old school South Park, just south of Downtown (plus three others, in SP, Vermont Knolls, and Watts), at just $165 a square foot, which includes all the landscaping and site work. They’re about 1,300 square feet and each designed for classic indoor-outdoor SoCal living; there are three different layouts, but they all have that trellised patio and some kind of yard space. Press materials say the houses take an “aggressively optimistic attitude to [their] neighborhood.” (And they’ll need it; the two we visited were in pretty blighted surroundings.) The prototypes were developed by Restore Neighborhoods Los Angeles, which originally formed in 2009 to buy up foreclosed properties in low-income neighborhoods and keep the areas stabilized. Four more are ready to go up as soon as there’s financing.

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SouthLA House: 1111 W 152nd St

Living Roon

This CONTEMPORARY 4 Bed 2 Bath home has been COMPLETELY REMODELED by an INTERIOR DESIGNER. Located in up and coming Compton due the to the new Mayor of Compton, Aja Brown, check out this awesome property located in a nice neighborhood in Compton. No one has lived in it since its recent remodel; it looks & feels BRAND NEW!! No expense has been spared in using the BEST QUALITY MATERIAL. Enjoy the open CUSTOM KITCHEN, GRANITE COUNTER TOPS, and new STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES. Alarm system, Central heat & AC ready. NEW FLOORING throughout the home gives it character. The property offers a SPACIOUS OPEN FLOOR PLAN. It has been CUSTOM PAINTED from the inside out. Remodel done with permits.  All yours for $329,900.

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1111 W 152nd St