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 Red is a very emotionally charged color. It tends to increase the respiration rate and can even raise your blood pressure. It creates excitement and can be associated with danger, war, power, strength passion, desire and love. It can even increase your appetite.

Who We Are

The Red Marketing Group focuses on helping small to medium urban companies understand and take advantage of the main new vehicle of marketing, the Internet.  TRMG, a Lifestlye Marketing Company, creates  integrated marketing strategies and concepts to best service our clients. TRMG LifeStyle Marketing consists of mixing the elements that make up one of the strongest marketing colors, Red:

v     3 tsp of danger,

v     5 cups of power,

v     a bowl of passion,

v     7 cups of strength,

v     2 cups of desire

With the strong direction of TRMG, the mixture goes to war to present results our clients will love. 

TRMG offers a variety of services: Social Media, Experiential Marketing, Social Media and Event Consulting, and LifeStyle Marketing and Advertising.

Similar to online social networking, lifestyle marketing is the campaign discipline for building a strategy around engaging people where they are organized offline via online.

By taking a personal interest in the consumers, we gain a strong understanding of what attracts the consumer, TRMG truly can connect with out clients and their needs. 

Check us out at  or email us at

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