Hawthorne Mayor Chris Brown May Become Senator Chris Brown

mayor-brownarnie2-e1398997507947Mayor Chris Brown has done awesome things for the city of Hawthorne, bringing several new businesses to the city, transforming Hawthorne’s major thoroughfare into a pedestrian friendly commercial core, and putting in the proper steps in order to bring back the infamous Hawthorne Mall as an outlet mall.  Well now there,s talk of Mayor Brown possibly looking at a seat on the Senate.  With all Mayor Brown’s accomplishments in the great city of Hawthorne I think he would make an awesome Senator.

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Hawthorne Mall Making A Comeback!


So Hawthorne has been working on this secret mission to bring back the mall for about a year and now they finally have released the plans to public and they are awesome!  Hawthorne Mall is going Outlet Mall!  ABC did a interview with Mayor Brown and the City Planner and the plans look great.  There has not been a date set to break ground however the it was stated that the mall should be ready for shoppers in 2 to 3 years.  “There is going to be everything from high-end to the standard outlet stores, so it is going to be very attractive and it is going to be the only outlet mall for quite a distance,” City Planning Director Gregg McClain said.  Check out the video by clicking the link below.

ABC has the scoop on Hawthorne Outlet Mall

Meet Hawthorne Mayor, Chris Brown


Chris Brown is running for Mayor of Hawthorne November 5, 2013.   Chris Brown, a native of Los Angeles, California, has demonstrated his commitment to serving his community for over 15 years. As a student at Fairfax High School, Chris volunteered and worked for the Los Angeles Conservation Corps’ “Clean and Green” Program, which conducted weekly cleanups of local communities to rid them of graffiti and blight.

Upon graduating high school, Chris pursued and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from National University and studied Real Estate Securities & Investment Analysis at Allied Real Estate School. He maintained a successful career as an Account Executive for both AT&T Wireless and Nextel Communications in Silicon Valley.

Chris forfeited a life of comfort and wealth and chose to use his skills and expertise for the benefit of those that have suffered deeply in the recent housing crisis. Chris currently operates his own firm, Asset Management Recovery, LLC, which continues to help homeowners facing foreclosure by conducting Property Securitization Analysis Reports on properties to receive the best results during mitigation between the homeowner and the financial institution. His work has paved the way for many citizens, including teachers, healthcare workers, community organizers and even public officials, preventing the foreclosure of their homes which they have worked so hard for.

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Hawthorne Vs. Walmart

Even though Walmart is planned for neighboring city El Segundo, Hawthorne officials have sprung into action to ensure the city has its say about a store.  It is not for sure that Walmart will move into the industrial east side of El Segundo being that no applications have been filed nor has any confirmation of such plans.  Still, Hawthorne’s City Council last week unanimously passed a resolution calling for its planning staff and City Attorney’s Office to “monitor” the situation and weigh in on any potential environmental review. “This is for us to take an active role to try to mitigate them putting it in here,” Councilman Danny Juarez said. “It’s not going to be El Segundo residents affected by this. Hawthorne is going to be affected.” Hawthorne officials have opposed Wal-Mart in the past, arguing the company is not union-friendly and that a store could generate too much traffic. The owner of the Hawthorne Plaza mall, which has been shuttered for decades, attempted to open a Walmart at the location on Hawthorne Boulevard at 120th Street a few years ago. Council members quashed the idea.

Hawthorne VS. Walmart