Intuit Dome of Inglewood

Gentrification At Its Finest or Nice Addition To Hollywood Park Tomorrow

Gentrification continues in Inglewood with Intuit Dome, the latest addition to the Inglewood entertainment area. The new 18,000 seat, 44,000 square-foot arena had one hell of a groundbreaking ceremony September 17, which you can see in the attached video below (the first 17 minutes is just music with the dome in the background)  The $1.8 billion privately funded arena which is slated to have a halo video screen according to the Associated Press, wonder where they got that idea from, **cough Sofi cough**, excuse me, that COVID must of crept in here. The design has been revised several times with the fans comfort in mind according to Steve Ballmer, the current owner of the Clippers, in an interview with The Associated Press. In the same interview, Ballmer stated the arena will be the “Basketball mecca! Basketball palazzo!”.

Show actually doesn’t start until 18mins in FYI

Every detail — from the huge halo video screen that will hover over the court, to how the bathrooms will be designed to get fans back in their seats as quickly as possible — has a purpose. The halo will include 44,000 square feet of LED lighting, slightly more than one full acre and roughly six times the average size of other “big” screens in NBA buildings

Steve Ballmer- Associated Press

The Clippers currently share the Staple Center in the, now, lovely South Park district of Downtown Los Angeles along side the Lakers and the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. Its stated that Balmer has always had the idea of the Clippers having their own arena but formerly announced and unveiled plans in 2019. The stadium has an anticipated opening for the 2024 Season. I don’t think the city is officially tacking this on on the Hollywood Park Tomorrow Development, but unofficially, as of now, this is the latest edition to Inglewood’s newly formed entertainment area.

So what do you guys think are you excited for the new arena or is this furthering the Inglewood gentrification ticket, please comment below?

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Clippers Break Ground on New Arena –

Townhouse Complex Coming To Inglewood


Inglewood Property Value Getting Ready To GO UP!  Much needed attention is now being cast upon Inglewood with the under construction Crenshaw/LAX Line cutting through downtown Inglewood and now with the Inglewood Entertainment Complex in Central Inglewood. Century Blvd. and Prairie Ave is scheduled to  undergo a huge transformation over the next couple of years.  Given the next 10 years the area may become an entertainment hotspot of Los Angeles.  The up coming Hollywood Park Tomorrow project is finally commencing, the owner of the Rams is building a stadium between The Forum and Racetrack and bringing over a Soccer Team from England or something, and the Forum, now owned by Madison Square Garden just finished a huge renovation.  The Inglewood Entertainment Complex, (I’m dubbing Prairie and Century, yes, the Inglewood Entertainment Complex, IEC).   Well now comes the development.  The site of the shuttered Daniel Freeman Hospital has just sold to a group that plans to put up a whole bunch of townhouses. First Church of God and developers Shopoff Group bought the property in December, says the LA Business Journal, and could build as many as 363 townhouses (Shopoff’s site says there will only be 272). Right now the site is home to seven buildings, which have been mostly vacant since the hospital shut down about seven years ago. But in 18 to 24 months, there should be residences ready for the buying, says Shopoff.

Residential Development In Inglewood