SouthLA’s Jan Perry 4 Mayor!


I am elated to support and endorse SouthLA’s very own Councilwomen Jan Perry of the ninth district  as she strives become the next Mayor of Los Angeles.  I have personally watch the complete transformation of Downtown LA, and seeing projects under Councilwomen Jan Perry flourish, I have the utmost respect and support for her and look forward to seeing what she can do for the nations 2nd largest market.   Do your remember when Downtown LA didn’t exist after 7pm? Now look at it, its an actual NEIGHBORHGOOD! Who does that, Jan Perry does that. Over the past decade, Perry has supported the development of major redevelopment projects in Downtown Los Angeles that represents over $15 billion in investment, over $40 million in City tax revenue, and the creation of over 90,000 full-time jobs. From catalytic developments like LA Live to iconic developments like Our Lady of Angeles Cathedral to major public buildings like the new Police Administrative Building—Perry has been  at the forefront of ensuring that downtown moves forward to meet its potential as the economic engine for the entire region. 


But What Has She Done For Me Lately? HA! Let Me Tell You!

Los Angeles Mayoral 2013 Debate