Historical African American Hotel Convert To Apartments

new dunbar

Historic Dunbar Hotel on Central has recently wrapped up a $30 million dollar renovation actually restoring most of its historical design.  Now known as the Dunbar Village  just pened Dunbar Village, the new center offers 83 apartments for low-income families and seniors with on-site amenities like management and maintenance, laundry rooms, outdoor barbecues, a health and fitness center, and a media room, and group programing like movie nights and monthly birthday parties. Rents range from $437 to $875 per month.

Dunbar Village, Historic African American Hotel now Apartments

Skyscraper Rising All Over LA


Skyscrapers are rising all over town, Hollywood skyline is dramatically changing  and DTLA’s is getting major additions.  Not including LA’s soon to be new tallest, LA skyline is changing all over town.  Hollywood is getting several new towers, DTLA is getting a huge new mixed-use mini high rise development consiting of 5 towers along Franciso St, hopingto create a pesdestrian only street connecting South Park to the Financial District.  DTLA is getting and four residential towers.

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Compton Lives!!


Now nearing the completion of The North Downtown Master Plan, Compton is truly emerging as a Live, Work, Play city.   Compton has completed work on an awesome new Martin Luther King Transit Center (with a huge C-O-M-P-T-O-N sign that I kinda wanna take a picture inf front, like I’m not a local), the first phase of the Gateway Towne Center, and slew of housing development; and with a newly appointed  mayor, one can say Compton is truly on the rise.  Completion of the North Downtown Master Plan consist of the already almost finish portion of, what was told to me by a Compton City Hall employee, office and more retail face.  The entire project is designed to facilitate a safe, vibrant, efficient, and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. The master plan incorporates approximately new residential units, a Compton Senior Activity Center, Community Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center, transit plaza, office and retail space, and more.  The North Downtown Master Plan promotes a sustainable land use while improving the overall quality of life for Compton’s residents.

Hollywood Park Tomorrow Has Awaken


Betfair Hollywood Park Racetrack has scheduled all its last races for December 2013, come January construction will begin on huge “Pop Up” neighborhood.  The proposed neighborhood will demolish the race track renovate the casino, add a Grove-like shopping center, 300-room hotel, office space, parks, 2,995 residences (mostly single-family houses and townhouses), and several lakes (LOL Lake Inglewood).  The project was originally proposed back in 2005 and was approved back 2009 but due to the econmic turn it was put on hold.  Well lets see if we actually break ground this time.

Inglewood Getting Some Major Development

Official Station Names For Expo Phase II

expo-line-phase2-map (1)

Approved by the Metro Board, here are the official station names along the under-construction Expo Line Phase II.   A motion by Board Member Zev Yaroslavsky changed the Exposition/Westwood to Westwood/Rancho Park.

Official Station Name

  1. Palms
  2. Westwood/Rancho Park
  3. Exposition/Sepulveda
  4. Exposition/Bundy
  5. 26th Street/Bergamot
  6. 17th Street/Santa Monica College
  7. Downtown Santa Monica

EXPO-LINE-PHASE-2-09-13-2012-038DTLA to Downtown Santa Monica via Metro

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Hospital Campus Community Master Plan


Board Chairmen Mark Ridley-Thomas has pulled a rabbit out of his hat with this one, and if he actually pulls it off this man needs to be Knighted!  Check out the awesome video on Chairmen Mark Ridley-Thomas Website what could possibly transform the community around MLK Jr. Hospital into urban oasis.  Plans for the new Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital campus received a thumbs up from the Board of Supervisors, as they unanimously approved the master plan for an expansive health and wellness campus in South Los Angeles which is well needed.  

The new hospital scheduled to be completed early this year along with the existing Multi-Ambulatory Care Center would be the center of the new master plan and would push  a new mental health urgent care center, mixed-use retail space, medical office space, connected community gardens, safe pedestrian walkways and recreational facilities to promote wellness and physical activity, among other suggestions.

Stated on the Chairmen Mark Ridley-Thomas Website, “the master plans is a roadmap, not a hard and fixed requirement, but it seek to anticipate the future direction of healthcare and prepare for that new day. It also lays out a vision for the entire 142-acre Willowbrook community that surrounds the campus.”

‘Taste of Soul’ 2012

Better late than never, but SouthLA would like send a huge THANK YOU to Danny Bakewell Sr. and the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper and all other affiliates for putting on the 7th Annual ‘Taste of Soul’.  With a crowd exceeding 300,000 I think I can definitely say this was more than successful and TOS is truly becoming like no other event in Country!  If you some how missed this amazing event, over 400 vendors supplied good food and a variety of other merchandise to more than 300,000 people along a 1.1 mile radius of the Crenshaw Blvd. corridor for approximately nine hours at the 7th annual ‘Taste of Soul’ Family Festival last Saturday, October 20th.

 “Taste of Soul” has become the largest assembly of Black Businesses in Los Angeles.  The event has become such a phenomenon that local Black businesses are emerging from booth renter to employer and large established corporations, like Chevy and Broadway Federal Bank and government agencies, such as Metro Transportation Authority (MTA), are providing jobs to those who were once collecting unemployment.”

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Photo Courtesy of Leimert Park Beat, CBS Los Angeles, and The Subway Joyride Blog

Thank You Letter From Danny Bakewell Sr.

The Evolution of ‘Taste of Soul’


Metro From DTLA to Santa Ana Update

[UPDATE] Metro is currently in talks about either a light rail, a bus way, or even a maglev rail from Downtown LA to Santa Ana.  Transit planners are currently exploring the use of the old PE right-of-way south of the 105 near Lynwood; they’ll present their findings to the SCAG transportation committee next week and will likely suggest looking closer at three options: not building anything, managing current transportation efforts better, and constructing light rail. The ROW north of the 105 (and the adjacent Green Line light rail) towards DTLA is not available for use anymore, so they’re considering various routes on other ROWs through places like Vernon and Huntington Park. A SCAG rep says they’d need to build a new Green Line station to allow transfer between the two lines, and that the LA County part of the line would likely be built before the OC part. There is Measure R money for this project, and a light rail line would is expected to attract 80,000 daily riders, but such an option is extremely expensive and would cost around $3 billion. After the SCAG study, Metro and OC’s transit authority will decide next year whether to green-light an environmental review of the project.

Curbed LA on the New “Orange Line”

The KetchUp: California High Speed Rail Moving Along

Last Wednesday California received federal permission to begin construction on the first segment of Americas First High Speed Rail, from Fresno to Merced.  The White House also is suppose to be expediting permits for rest of the route through Central Valley which ultimately connect San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego along one long high speed rail line.  “As part of the “We Can’t Wait” program created by presidential order in March, President Obama will announce the speedup of the permit and review process for the 114-mile Madera-to-Bakersfield segment of the high-speed rail system,” printed by SFGate.  The High Speed Rail Authority has plans to begin construction on the first segment of the SanFran to LA route nest year.  The approval given by the White House to allows us to start constructions allow to buy property for the railroad and to actually begin construction, so this is actually happening.

High Speed Rail On The Move Thru Cali

Los Angeles Farmers Field Update

With the NFL Comissioner loving the idea of two (2) NFL Teams in LA and AEG nearing the end of the process to bring Farmers Field to life, officially making Los Angeles “The Entertainment Capital Of The World,” the NFL in LA should be up and running in no time.  A release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)  was given in April, and AEG has spent the last few months working with Los Angeles government officials, community and environmental organizations, businesses, and residents to maximize the benefits of our project.  AEG CEO Tim’s Leiweke has this message on how far we’ve come and what is left to do.

Farmers Field