Largest Obersavtion Wheel In The World Craig!

Link Las Vegas Aug 26 2013 Link Las Vegas Nevada USA Photos By Denise TruscelloRemember I told you Las Vegas was building a big @$$ ferris wheel.  I ain’t lie, check out the progress on The Linq and High Roller.  The Linq is Development between the Quad Hotel and  The Flamingo Hotel set to take on the shape of The Grove in West LA.  Featured to be the biggest observational wheel in the world at 550 feet, The High Roller will cost $550 million (a million per foot lol) and easily become the home to an exciting, new attraction for all ages. At 550 feet, the High Roller will serve as a focal point of the $550 million open-air retail dining and entertainment district, which sits on the half-acre of land between The Flamingo and The Quad. The Linq is slated to open in part by December 2013 with a grand opening in February 2014.  This along with Las Vegas new Super Arena Coming will make a great addition to Sin City.

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Vegas Big @$$ Wheel Nearly Done

The Linq

Mammoth Black Out Weekend Contest

MBOContestI’ve heard of this event over the last couple years, and been making it a point to attend, one of these years, well next year might be the year.  BlackNLA, host of the weekend, are offering a contest for a chance a you to and four friends to take the trip Para Gratis (for free)!  Register here to win a chance to attend the 7th Annual Mammoth Black Out Weekend out in Mammoth Mountain.  Featured as the West Coasts Premier Urban Ski/Snowboard Weekend,  600 urban professionals from across the country come together to enjoy an awesome time in the snow.   The weekend consist of skiing, snowboarding, networking, snowmobiles, tubing, networking, and lots  of shopping.  

Black Out Weekend

Random But Awesome!


Randomly came across this information this morning, The city of New York constructed a memorial to the African Burial Ground in Foley Square.   Set at the center of a fountain, and rising nearly 50 feet into the air, this black granite abstract monument is derived from the antelope forms of Bambaran art. The horizontal boat-like feature that supports the sculpture alludes to the “Middle Passage” of the slave trade. The monument is built near the site of a Colonial-era African-American burial ground. Random but if your ever in New York take a gander.

Honoring the African American Experience in New York

Tom Bradley International……Mall


Fancy dining and shopping coming soon to the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.  As part of $1.5 Billion redevelopment project and partnership between Westfield Shopping, Los Angeles World Airports, and the office of the Mayor, Tom Bradley International Terminal is being transformed into the ultimate shopping and dinning destination.   What I am now dubbing the TBIMall, is to host such premier retailers as Gucci, Hermes, Fred Segal, Kitson, and Burberry just to name a few.  Within the project, 25,000 square feet is being allocated to fine dining.  Westfield and its tenant partners are investing $80 million to develop the new dining and retail program and its looking like the TBITerminal will be completely done with its transformation in 2014.

Tom Bradley International Mall

Experience the New Tom Bradley International Terminal


Note From LA: AEG Why Are You Playing With Our Hearts?

AEG Whats Up?  After much much talk about bringing a (I’m Sorry), two (2) NFL Team to Los Angeles, your up for sale? Whats the Deal?  AEG, owner of the Staple Center, LA Live and several of LA’s sports teams and who seemed to be working very diligently on bringing several NFL football teams to the Southland is now randomly selling their entertainment portion of the company.   Is this out of failure on not being able to accomplish your set out goal or this some type of ploy in order to sale to an actual football team owner.  It really seemed like the City of Los Angeles was working with you guys to make the project move along.   We want some answers because you guys vowed to make to Los Angeles the Official Entertainment Capitol of the World, now your dropping out.  Not a cool move man, not a cool move.

AEG Selling Entertainment Portion of Company

Long Beach Airport To Have A Resort Feel

Long Beach Airport is wrapping up development on their new outdoor passenger concourse, which freaking awesome, cause Long Beach is the best Airport to fly out LA, I’m just saying though.  Work is more than halfway done on two terminal buildings and 4,200 square feet of outdoor seating with patios, fire pits, cabanas, suspended lights, and space for outdoor performances. The new concourse will also include more than 10,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, including “Polly’s Coffee, Sweet Jill’s Bakery, 4th Street Vine, George’s Greek Cafe and second locations for Long Beach Clothing Co., which will be called 562 Experience, and McKenna’s on the Bay, whose second restaurant will be named McKenna’s on the Fly.

Long Beach Airport Status Report

Press Telegram on LB Airport

We’re A GO!! California is Building The 1st High Speed Rail In America!

We’re broke says who? California approved to begin construction on our High Speed Rail.  The California State Senate voted by a bare majority today to fund initial construction of California’s $68 billion high-speed rail project.  The train will connect NorCal to SoCal traveling 220 mph.  The train will root out to four different cities traveling along one main track San Francisco, Sacramento, Irvine and San Diego, Passing thru Los Angeles (which is gonna superboast our economy, and officially making Orange County and possibly even San Diego a Suburb of LA). The bill approved by the Senate authorizes $5.8 billion to start construction in the Central Valley, including $2.6 billion in rail bond funds and $3.2 billion from the federal government. Lawmakers tied that funding to nearly $2 billion to improve regional rail systems and connect them to high-speed rail. That regional money was considered necessary to lobby hesitant senators about the project’s potential significance to their districts.  Check out the map, notice the stops, now take out SF, Los Angeles, and San Diego, all those and go buy property in those cites.  #SouthLAAdvice

Long Beach Airport Producing Low Airfares…..Once Again

If you haven’t enjoy the experience of not having to run to your termenal dodging such objectives as overzealous baby strollers, star stricken paparazzi, cell fone carrying latte sipping tourist, and other people running right besiside you to the same terminal, you must not have flown out of Long Beach Airport yet.  DO IT!  Long Beach Airport makes flying enjoyable, again.  Managable crowds, short security lines, warm environment, you really can’t beat this.  The Press-Telegram reports: “For the third straight quarter, the Long Beach facility has recorded the lowest average airfares in California and ranked No. 2 nationally, behind Atlantic City, N.J.”  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s latest quarterly report, the average round-trip domestic fare out of Long Beach was $229 in the final quarter of 2011. That ranks well below the national average of $368 over the same span.

Do It Right, Fly Out of Long Beach