SouthLA DevIdea: Hawthorne Kart World

Wouldn’t it be amazing if (SouthLA) converted the Hawthorne Plaza Mall, into a go Go-Kart and slot car haven!  Hear Me Out, you have an abandon mall, 2 story mall with 2 unused large department store type structures, an existing parking structure and a surrounding community begging for something to do outside of traveling 20 minutes north or 15 minutes south.  Within the existing walls of the mall, I would propose building 3 go-kart tracks, one looping the entire mall going between the 2 levels and maybe even on the roof, also convert the inner mall space into 3 different slot car rooms with consisting of 3 to 6 tracks each, build a 6 lane bowling alley 2 lounges, event space, a food court, a small out door skate park and even a 3 Theatre Dollar Movie (Its always better to watch movies in groups).  Give the community something to do.

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